Brandsby Women’s Institute

The Women’s Institute at Brandsby was formed in 1923. It was one of the first to be formed in the district at the time and there were approximately 40 to 50 members.

The first President was Mrs Pearson who was living at Brandsby Hall at the time. In the Days when all the ‘big’ houses employed maids, gardeners, grooms etc, the lady of the house considered it to be a great status symbol to be the ‘President’.

Our WI continues to prosper. New members and guests are always made very welcome to enjoy a varied programme of talks and demonstrations. Federation events are well supported along with various outing's to theatre’s etc.

BrandsbyWI is looking forward with optimism, enthusiasm and determination to the challenges of a changing world. It is the responsibility of every member to ensure that the WI is in a wonderful and healthy state for members in the future.
We meet every 2nd Tuesday in the month in the Village Hall. Meetings start at 7.30pm

Walks - Last Monday of the month except Bank Hollidays
Starting at the Village Hall at 10am

2019 President Hazel Kay
Secretary Marion Wiseman
Treasurer Betty Elsworth

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