Brandsby School

Here is a picture kindly sent to me by David Harrison of Brandsby School circa 1955

After much deliberation Richard Ward, Norma Harrison and Kneale Grainger have give names to everybody except the 3rd boy on the front row. has anybody any ideas who he is?

Please send any further details or pictures to roger.pearce@brandsby.com

Brandsby School1

Back row left to right
George Harrison, David Harrison, John Dawson, Maurice Hindmarsh, Peter Hammond, Alan Underwood, Adrian Moat, John Ward.
Second row from back left to right
Miss Gaythorpe, Brian Calvert, Norman Hood, Joyce Smith, Nancy Horner, Peter Robinson, Margaret Dawson, Joan Hindmarsh, Eric Wade, David Ward, Mrs Finn.
Third row from back left to right
Malcolm Harrison, Cynthia Crane, Hazel Smith, Mary Thackeray, Valerie Thorpe, Jennifer Horner, Joan Horner, Grace Kirk, Norma Harrison, Kathleen Grainger, Dennis Horner.
Front row
David Horner, Paul Moat, ???,  Brian Horner, John Hindmarsh, Tony Robinson, Richard Ward, Michael Carr, Michael Grainger, Philip Horner.

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